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Andy Kolodgie – SEO

Not Sure What Your Site Needs?

If it’s your first time here, welcome!

We are happy to run an initial assessment on your real estate investor site and provide you guidance through your first free consultation.

We will show you how to leverage our products to improve your website rankings. If you want the white glove treatment, we will explain our DFY (Done For You) services, so you can be hands-off.

Just need some raw, real SEO advice? Everyone gets one. There’s no pressure to buy.

Our Why

When we first entered the real estate investor space, we knew we wanted a website and that was about it. So, we found other people who were already having success and learned from them by studying their sites. Little did we know this would be the beginning of our deep dive into SEO…

We have found a few knowledgable “SEO’s” along the way and many more who are just trying to make a buck. Filtering through the nonsense is a lot of work, and it can be expensive in the SEO world.

We have created a marketplace for not just SEO but digital marketing for real estate investors. This includes consultations for Google PPC and Facebook Ads (Coming Soon…). We only sell tried and true methods that we have tested and actually use on our own real estate sites. 

seo meets real estate investors

This marketplace allows you to cherry pick the products and services your site needs. A brand new site needs a lot more help than an established site, and we can help you figure out what products will give you the boost you need for lead flow.

If you don’t want the people selling the products to tell you what your site would benefit from, you can consult with other marketing pros we provide access to through our site. They run their own successful real estate businesses in different markets.

We are excited to share knowledge and make SEO a more transparent topic in the real estate investor niche. If you ever need more data to show the results a product or service can produce, just send us a message through the chat!