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Why Most REI’s Fail SEO…

There are 3 paths most real estate investors take to implement SEO.

SEO Agency

How many websites have you seen dominating a market that were built by agencies?

None. Here’s why…

Agencies and investors have misaligned goals.

Agencies want you to remain a customer for as long as possible, so there’s no incentive to get your website to #1.

But, as an investor, your goal is to stop paying for an agency as soon as possible because they’re cutting into your profit in a big way.

So, how do agencies make money? Agencies capitalize on REI’s failure to learn.

An SEO agency will always know more than an REI who chose not to learn SEO. This is why agencies don’t need to use data to drive their decisions— the bar is set very low for agencies.

Fact: SEO is an evergreen marketing method.

SEO agencies turn evergreen marketing into hamster-wheel marketing that will cost you more per deal than PPC.

If you don’t want to take the time to learn SEO yourself, you should choose a different marketing method.

SEO Course

Have you been sold a course that got you partway to the top but fell short of dominating your market?

You’re not alone.

SEO courses are a great way to get started but fail as a sole method to take over your market.

You see “credibility” of other sites ranking #1, but it’s never for a high volume keyword.

The dream being sold by SEO course marketers is unattainable for the masses.


Because the strategies used by SEO guru’s in noncompetitive markets do not translate to the data-driven strategies required for a competitive market.

When your expectations of getting to #1 and generating tons of highly motivated leads every day aren’t met, how else could you have invested your money?

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Haven’t seen the level of success you were hoping for in SEO?

It’s not for a lack of effort or time.

You’re invested in evergreen marketing.

You’re willing to spend time and money learning and executing SEO.

But, there are roadblocks along the way that you can’t get past without some extra help.

Have you seen your competition supersede you in the rankings?

Maybe a Google update hurt your site, or your competition is using strategies that are hard to keep up with…

The reoccurring theme is the lack of data being used to implement SEO.

We started out as DIY’ers, too. And the lack of data is what drove us to create our own.

How Why SEO Meets REI Works

Have you seen a website that dominates 3 markets?

We’ve only seen one: The House Guys.

This “We buy houses” site generates 60+ SEO leads per month in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland.

After several requests, we are finally going to show you how to rank in a highly competitive market.

BUT, we will not implement SEO for you.

We believe the only way to truly rank #1 and dominate your competitive market long-term is to do some learning yourself.

So what will we do?

We will speed up the learning process and answer your questions through our chat box and consultations. Our chat box is for quick questions to answer “What” and “Why” whereas our consultations answer “How.”

Consultations involve a thorough analysis of your site, so we can provide tailored advice that will get you ranking no matter how competitive your market is.

We also offer website add-ons to power-up your SEO through our data-driven products that we use ourselves.

Did you feel like you were throwing darts at a map when determining what location pages you needed for your website? Check out our City Page Scorecard to remove the guesswork.

Want to view your rankings in a way that’s useful? We create interactive SEO rankings maps, so you can visualize where you rank and where you need to improve.

What has lead to our success in SEO?

Andy & Liz

We have a holistic understanding of SEO whereas SEO agencies and guru’s focus on only one side of the coin: “whitehat” or “blackhat”.

Strictly whitehat strategies take years to fully dominate a market– there are no shortcuts.

On the flip side, strictly blackhat strategies come with short term benefits but leave sites vulnerable to trust issues with Google updates.

To be effective with your money and time, your site will require a combination of these strategies to rank in the short-term and long-term.

We offer custom advice that is tailored to your situation, goals, and speaks to both sides of SEO, which is pivotal to success in a competitive market. We’re happy to discuss the risks associated with “blackhat” strategies.

Expert Guidance Leads You To Market Domination

We start by running an initial assessment on your real estate investor site and provide you guidance through your first free consultation. We will show you how to leverage our data-driven products to improve your website rankings.

Just need some raw, real SEO advice? Everyone gets one. There’s no pressure to buy.