Want To Grow Your
Real Estate Business?

Hi, I’m Andy. I’m determined to help 10 real estate investors who are making $500k+ per year grow to a 7-figure business using SEO.

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Who is Andy Kolodgie?

Andy started as a software engineer for the Navy with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech. He and his partner Liz own multiple lead generating “We buy houses” websites. One site alone does 60 leads per month solely using SEO. Andy has experience on both the marketing and sales sides of wholesaling, which is how he found his niche in SEO for real estate investors.

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Who We’re Looking For…

We want to partner with REI’s who have a successful wholesaling operation (we’re talking well-oiled acquisition, disposition, title coordination, and follow-up processes).

You have your own marketing niche (outside of SEO) and are looking to expand beyond that niche.

You are looking to significantly grow your deal volume without increasing your expenses, workload, or cash conversion cycle.

You’ve made a minimum of $500k in the past 12 months.

And, you want free leads without having to spend your time finding them.

How It Works

1. We create a website for your market.

2. We use SEO to rank above your competition.

3. We send leads directly to your CRM.

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(This is a calendar view of our CRM for The House Guys.)

4. We split the profits on those leads.

We require an initial, one-time fee of $10k to build the website and get it ranking. That’s it.

  • No $25k SEO course that requires a ton of work and doesn’t guarantee results even if you follow it to a tee. We do all of the work for you.
  • No indefinite $3k per month to an agency that still requires site maintenance on the investor’s end. We manage the entire site.

And best of all, no time spent.


1. Will every deal from your leads be split 50/50?

We split wholesale and retail deals 50/50. House flips, subject-to, owner finance, and any other creative financing deals would be a discussion between us to determine what is equitable.

If a 50/50 split doesn’t leave enough room to pay your team, we also sell leads to real estate investors across the country including Puerto Rico.

2. What if I want to buy the property?

If you want to purchase the property from one of our leads, we can determine a fair assignment fee on the deal, and the property is yours.

3. What is your incentive to bring me leads?

If we don’t bring you leads, we don’t make money. We are highly incentivized to generate as many leads as possible and as quickly as possible so both of us can profit.

4. How soon until I start getting leads?

It takes us about 2 months to get that first lead. Real traction happens at the 6 month mark– we’d expect 5-10 leads per million people in your market. At 12 months, we will have a lead generation machine giving you 10-20 leads per million people in your market.

5. Why do you charge $10k upfront?

Everyone wants free leads that they can split 50/50, so it’s important for us to separate serious investors from those just dabbling. Since we are taking on a lot of risk and time upfront to build the site and get it ranking, we only want to work with people who are committed to this partnership with some skin in the game. We feel $10k is a small fee to pay, but it helps us know you’re not here to play games.

We’re so confident you’re going to close a deal within the first 30 leads that if you don’t, you can get your money back. The full $10k. No questions asked.

6. What if I’m not making $500k per year?

We’re not a good fit, yet, and that’s okay! We offer SEO consultations, and the first one is on us. We provide custom guidance to get you ranking above your competition, generating leads, and converting those leads to grow your business. We also have a Facebook Group where we share our SEO knowledge– no selling, just gives.

7. What if I already have a site that I get deals from occasionally?

That’s great! We’re happy to improve the SEO of your site if you are interested in splitting deals 50/50 on the difference between the new profit and what you were previously making. Fill out the form, and we’ll follow up to discuss further.

Doing $500k+ Per Year?

If you would like Andy to help grow your real estate business to 7-figures,
apply today to see if your market is open.

Don’t Qualify, Yet?

We offer a first free consultation to run an initial assessment on your real estate investor site and provide you custom tailored guidance. We will show you how to rank above your competition, generate leads, and convert those leads to grow your business.