Site Mapping DFY


Control your link juice and stabilize your rankings. We restructure your entire site map from city pages to blogs using data.

Turnaround time: 20-30 business days
What to expect: A fully restructured site, city page scorecard, and seo rankings map



If you’re looking at this product, you probably already have a website, but like most investor sites, it may not be optimized in terms of site structure…

If restructuring your entire site creates a big mental barrier, we can save you from feeling like you’re starting over by doing the tedious work for you.

How Will This Help Me Rank?
An optimized sitemap allows you to control where your link juice is flowing. Important city pages get prioritized and valueless content gets removed.
Through site organization and internal linking, search engines have an easier time understanding what you want to rank. This leads to more stable rankings, which increases lead flow (that’s our goal!).

How Do We Know This Works?
One of our sites was held back for almost a year because of too many city pages and thin content. Once we restructured out site map, our impressions greatly increased, as seen in our Google Search Console:

We graphed our SEO leads for the site restructure we did in March. As you can see, this brought us from 8 leads to 13 leads in April and almost tripled our leads in May. This site is now averaging over 60 SEO leads per month.

So What Does This Site Mapping Include?
We start by deep diving into your website and mapping out all the city pages you need and don’t need using data. We then implement the site map by creating and removing city pages. We even interlink all of your pages properly, so there is no wasted link juice on your site. We also remove low quality pages such as blogs that are hurting your rankings.

Anything Else?
Also included is the data we used to restructure your site in the form of our City Page Scorecard. As a bonus, we give you the SEO Rankings Interactive Map, so you have a starting point for your restructured site.

Don’t want to pay to have all of the work done for you? We also offer just the data needed to determine your city pages: City Page Scorecard.

To gain a deeper understanding of how restructuring your site map can help, watch our short video.

Feel free to use the chat to contact us or sign up for a consultation with an SEO pro for specialized advice before purchasing.