SEO Rankings Interactive Map


Knowing how your site ranks at the city level is not enough data when implementing SEO. So, we created an automated way to easily map your rankings in every zip code of your home buying region for the keyword of your choice.

Turnaround time: 1-3 business days
What to expect: URL to an interactive map



Many real estate investors doing SEO are led to believe that most people are searching for the keyword + city/state. However, this just isn’t true. Most people search just the keyword from their location.

For example: Many “guru’s” teach that people search “we buy houses Charleston South Carolina” when in actuality people are just searching “we buy houses” from Charleston SC.

Although we create our sites with city pages, Google actually looks at where people are searching from based on coordinates. So what does this mean? We need a way to easily track rankings more granularly (i.e. zip codes instead of cities).

Every ranking tracker we’ve come across makes tracking at the zip code level beyond tedious. First you have to import all of your data, then export it, then load it into a mapping software and make your key so the data is readable and so on…

So, we created an automated way to do this for you. We print your rankings from every zip code in your home buying region for the keyword you choose. Plus, we include the page of your website that shows up at that position.

Here is an example of the SEO Rankings Report for the greater Seattle area. You will receive an interactive map that looks like this where you can click on every zip code marker to see your rankings and displayed url from the Google search results.

So How Does This Help Me?
Understanding how you rank not only across cities but within cities will tell you where to spend more energy building links or citations. If you rank really well for one zip code in Dallas, but you struggle to rank for the rest, your Dallas page needs more love. But, you would never know this from a generic rank tracker.

For a full demo of the SEO Rankings Interactive Map, watch our short video.

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