Schema DFY


Overview: Improve your on-page optimization by teaching Google what your site is about. We create your schema for you!
How to order: Add 1 to cart for each state you cover.
Turnaround time: 7-10 business days.
What to expect: An html file for each location and a general file with all locations.

We offer add-ons including adding Schema to your Carrot site directly and Review Schema. If you are interested, please contact us through the chat. Thank you!



Does Google struggle to understand what your site is about? One way to figure this out is by seeing how well all of your pages rank for one of your primary keywords.

If you are having trouble ranking across your transactional pages, you may have an issue with relevancy. Here is where schema comes into play…

Schema is code that can be added to the HTML of your website. This code teaches search engines what your site is about by making your site more relevant to your local area and services. 

Since search engines take time to figure out what a website is about, schema provides a way to build these entity relationships faster.

How Do We Know Schema Works?

We include schema on all of our real estate sites and have tracked the results. Take a look at the results for adding Schema on September 22, 2021 to our Delaware test site:

Example 1: We went from not ranking at all to ranking at the top of the 2nd page on Google for the keyword ‘sell my house for cash’.

Example 2: We saw some delayed results by about 1 month for “sell my house fast in delaware” but went from spot 8 to 3 on the first page of Google.

Example 3: We went from ranking on some of the last pages in Google to the bottom of the first page for “sell my house in delaware”

To gain a deeper understanding and check our schema testing, watch our short video.

Feel free to use the chat to contact one of us or sign up for a consultation with an SEO pro for specialized advice before purchasing.