City Page Scorecard


Data driven analysis of the city pages needed to optimize lead flow in your home buying region.

Turnaround time: 1-3 business days
What to expect: CSV file delivered via email



When creating city pages, did you feel like you were throwing darts at a map? Maybe basing your decision off of population or where the most investor activity was happening?

We understand because this is how we started, too. We used to have an overblown site map of city pages that weren’t generating any leads. As two people with technical backgrounds, we were motivated to find a way to use data when creating city pages.

We discovered a free tool called that allowed us to manually check every zip code in our area to see what pages Google was ranking. But, it was as much work as it sounds…

So, we created a way to capture what city pages are needed and what city pages are unnecessary and want to give other investors access.

This report orders all cities in your home buying region by necessity in terms of lead generation. We also associate an ‘SEO Score’ with every city that indicates how important it is to have this page on your site.

With this data, you can confidently create an optimized site map. This enables you to make better use of your link juice and stabilize bouncing rankings.

Don’t want to spend time restructuring your entire site? We can restructure your site for you based on this data when you purchase .

Learn how to use the Valentin tool and why choosing city pages based on population is not helpful in our short video.

Feel free to use the chat to contact us or sign up for a consultation with an SEO pro for specialized advice before purchasing.